The Invention That Could End Obesity

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A Michigan surgeon invented an apparatus that he believes tricks the brain into thinking the stomach is full. His Full Sense Device could be a lifesaver for millions of obese Americans and raises questions about how hunger — our most basic human impulse — even works. Bonnie Lauria was miserable. She was subsisting on liquids […]


15 Issues That Matter To LGBT Australians Beyond Marriage Equality

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Not being able to get married sucks. But it’s just one of many conversations. We asked attendees at Sydney’s annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day what LGBT issues meant the most to them, with one catch: they couldn’t answer marriage equality. These are the topics people wished got more attention. 1. Queer youth […]


He Was The Greatest Surgeon Of His Time, But His Operations Had Astounding Death Rates

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Today, many surgeries are considered to be relatively minor medical procedures. When you show up at the hospital, it’s a safe statistical assumption that you’re going to leave that place alive. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); However, that wasn’t always the case. Surgery used to be quite dangerous, and not always just for the patient, as […]