In wake of ‘crude’ terror attack in Sweden, Washington Post turns its attention to common sense truck control

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One glaring problem with seeing terror attacks in terms of the weapons used is that eventually you consider the intended victims “lucky” that the terrorists tried to use pipe bombs rather than semi-automatic weapons or machetes instead of pipe bombs. After a man killed four people by drivinga truck into a department store in Stockholm, […]


What Happened To These Twins On A Highway In The U.K. Is Absolutely Insane

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Some stories are almost too bizarre to believe, since the actions of the people involved in such stories seem to defy logic and explanation. Then, just when you think there’s a conclusion, everything twists and you’re left scratching your head. While you probably haven’t heard too many stories like that, the tale of two Swedish […]


Never Heard Of The Baltic Sea Anomaly? Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown

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If there’s one place that is still full of wonder, containing many different mysteries, it’s probably the bottom of the ocean. The deep, dark depths are a final frontier of sorts, and there is still much to see down there. As an example of what’s potentially waiting for us thousands of leagues under the sea, […]