These Incredibly Realistic Images Are Actually Tattoos. You Have To See Them To Believe It.

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Tattooing is an ancient practice with roots around the world, from the British Isles to the Pacific. Thanks to modern developments in technology (and sanitation), tattoos are more intricate and vibrant than ever. While some prefer to work with more traditional styles, some artists are pushing the limits of tattoo art to create photorealistic images […]


These Parents Got Matching Tattoos Of Their Daughter’s Birthmark So She Won’t Feel Different

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Love really is more than skin deep. H/T Daily Mirror. 1. This is the Phillips family of Grimsby, England: Tanya, Adam, and their daughter, Honey-Rae. View this image › Michelle Rawlins LTD. 2. Honey-Rae was born with a birthmark that covers a good portion of her body. View this image › Michelle Rawlins LTD. Tanya […]