You Can’t Hang With The Squirtle Squad

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You think trying to hang with Squirtle Squad is a good idea? You’re wrong. 1. What’s up? You wanna hang with our crew? View this image › Cartoon Network / Via Well first things first… 2. We drink and eat all day, son. ALL DAY. View this image › Cartoon Network / Via […]


Demand for Norm MacDonald as ‘Late Late Show’ host ignites #LateLateNormNorm

, , , , ,!/JFoTheShow/status/462121526876045313 Craig Ferguson has announced that he won’t be renewing his contract with CBS and will end his run as host of “The Late Late Show” in December. Twitter users have been calling on CBS to name comedian and SNL alum Norm Macdonald as Ferguson’s replacement. The push started lightly a couple of days ago […]


Mia Farrow wants Glenn Beck to apologize to Meghan McCain [video]

, , , , , ,!/Latheman1791/status/496723542063710209 “The most f*cked-up, disgusting, worst, most insulting things anyone has ever said about me — hands-down ever in my entire life — came out of this man’s mouth.” That’s what Meghan McCain told Pivot TV’s audience about Glenn Beck. The well-mannered, sophisticated young lady doesn’t care for some of the things he’s said about her over […]


This Is The Hilarious Thing That Happens When The Sound Goes Out On Live TV

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Lots of things can happen on live television. Technical difficulties force anchors to cut away from reporters in the field, temperature glitches happen during weather broadcasts…you really never know what to expect. But that’s half the fun! Sometimes broadcasters handle it with grace and impeccable ease, then there are other times where it’s clear that […]