Keep digging, Wendy! Team Davis reduced to playing the dildo card

, , , , ,!/RBPundit/status/524296660059701248 Wait … what? Dildos, cripple-shaming, and killin' viable infants: @WendyDavisTexas is in touch with Texas values. — Neal Dewing (@Neal_Dewing) October 20, 2014 Looks like Wendy Davis is determined to go out with a bang: Welcome to the final two weeks #TXGOV — Aaron Blake (@AaronBlakeWP) October 20, 2014 Davis’ comms director is […]


God bless Texas.

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Life wins. Thank you Texas. Thank you Governor Abbott. #LifeWins! BREAKING: Texas permanently bans taxpayer funding of abortion — The Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) August 15, 2017 if ( (window.__aa_fraud_serve === undefined) || (window.__aa_fraud_serve == true) ) { googletag.cmd.push(function () { googletag.display(“div-gpt-300x250_1”); }); } Read more:


Michael Moore’s Texas-bashing Ebola stand-up act really coming along

, , , ,!/BillyPotterJr/status/523570671495155712 Forget everything you’ve learned about the nurses who contracted Ebola while tending to Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient to die of Ebola on U.S. soil. According to “Sicko” filmmaker Michael Moore, all you need to know is that Duncan was treated in Texas. Texas, people. And now for the further comedy stylings of […]


Texas patient being evaluated for possible Ebola infection

, , , , , , , ,!/janetstjames/status/516763048992722944 #BREAKING: Presbyterian Hospital Dallas confirms it has a patient in "strict isolation" to be evaluated for potential #Ebola [email protected] — Tami Carr (@CarrTamicbs11) September 30, 2014 BREAKING: Possible #ebola case would be the 1st diagnosed in USA. Imported. Test results expected tomorrow. — Janet St. James (@janetstjames) September 30, 2014 Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital […]


Ted Cruz diagnoses ‘sad state of affairs’ about Obama’s Texas trip

, ,!/joshhurst24/status/486863003862589441 President Obama heads to Texas today for fundraisers (naturally) and a meeting in Dallas to discuss “growing immigration issues at the border.” According to the White House, Obama’s stop in Texas will not include a visit to the border to see the crisis firsthand. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz isn’t happy about it:!/SenTedCruz/status/486860497011343360 Priorities. […]


Federal judge strikes down Texas abortion clinic regulations

, , , , ,!/SenTedCruz/status/505499423582191617 A federal judge on Friday struck down a new set of restrictions for Texas abortion clinics that were set to go into effect Monday. The bill placing limits on abortions after 20 weeks and imposing tougher safety standards on abortion clinics in Texas was signed by Gov. Rick Perry last July. The Texas Tribune […]


Too late: Wendy Davis campaign begins soft backpedal on wheelchair ad

, ,!/brnwld/status/521012872743112706 Despite the immediate backlash against Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis and her ad featuring an empty wheelchair, Davis’ communications manager Zac Petkanas still thought it was a pretty good spot, while others thought it was a great audition tape for a gig at MSNBC. Word that the rest of the United States found the ad low and […]


What One Town Did With This Abandoned Walmart Building Will Make Your Jaw Drop.

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You’ll find a Walmart store in most American towns and cities. These stores are almost always giant, taking up an average 2.5 football fields worth of space. So what happens when one of them closes? It’s an awful lot of space to just let sit there. Officials in McAllen, Texas, were faced with this problem when their […]


Man charged with planning attack on last year’s Super Bowl

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CNN is reporting that an alleged ISIS supporter has been indicted on charges that he had planned toattack last year’s Super Bowl with pipe bombs. Charges include conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, interstate transportation of firearms with intent to commit a felony, making false statements, and other crimes. Abdul Malik […]