As It Turns Out, We’ve Been Making Squash Pie For Thanksgiving All These Years

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Another day, another life-ruining lie about something we pretty much all enjoy. Because I apparently like to destroy everything I touch, I’m comin’ at you today with some really bad news about everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving dessert: pumpkin pie. I’m convinced that even people who say they hate it secretly love it, weird texture aside. It’s […]


Dana Perino: Don’t talk politics on Thanksgiving

, ,!/DanaPerino/status/406025463140585472 President Obama and his friends at Organizing For Action want you to ruin Thanksgiving by evangelizing for Obamacare. Dana Perino of Fox News’ The Five wisely counsels avoiding politics entirely. Intra-family relationships are often strained as it is, and there are bound to be sharp knives at the table. Related: OFA offers advice to […]


You Eat These 15 Foods Every Holiday Season, But Do You Know Where They Came From?

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We all have our favorite holiday dishes. Every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah, we indulge in tasty treats that send us on nostalgic trips back in time to when we were kids and didn’t have to decide between paying rent and giving awesome gifts every year. But how much do you really know about pumpkin pies, […]