Unity or else: DNC Chair Tom Perez demands ‘ideological purity’ on abortion from candidates

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Sen. Bernie Sanders and DNC Chair Tom Perez have been crossingthe country this week as part of the “Come Together and Fight Back” tour,with Sanders soaking up most of the cheers and Perez hopingsome of that energy and enthusiasm rubs off on Democrats who decided they preferred the independent from Vermont to the DNC’s choice […]


CLASSY: Dick Durbin seconds Tom Perez, tells 28% of Democrats who oppose abortion to GET OUT

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Because a party that has lost, lost and then lost some more has any place telling pro-life Democrats who disagree with the slaughter of innocents to get out. Sounds like a winning strategy, eh? Honestly at this point you think they’d be BEGGING for support but oh no, not these self-centered, perpetually smug Leftist jackasses. […]