This Guy Had The Best Reaction When He Bumped Into The Biggest Spider In The World.

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Etymologist Piotr Naskrecki studies katydids, a type of insect related to crickets. He walks alone and at night into the depths of South American rainforests as part of his research. He walks carefully through the forest, taking pains not to disturb anyone or anything he comes across, and listens for the faint trill of the insect’s wings. A […]


15 Unmissable Salons For Afro Hair In London


All curly girls know the importance of finding a hair salon you can trust with your hair. Here’s my list. View this image › Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed 1. The Hair Lounge, Westbourne Park Fronted by Charlotte Mensah,a critically acclaimed and award winning natural hair stylist, The Hair Lounge comes highly recommended. You can […]


18 Awesome Reasons New Zealand Was Named The Best Country In The World

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Recently, The Telegraph Travel Awards named New Zealand the best country in the world. More than 75,000 readers voted and for the fourth year in a row, the southwestern Pacific Ocean country reigned supreme! But what gives Kiwis (that’s the cute name for the locals!) the advantage? Well, we rounded up just a few of […]


This Photographer Traveled To 37 Countries To Prove That Female Beauty Is Everywhere

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The photo project “Atlas of Beauty” took photographer Mihaela Noroc to 37 countries, where she saw endless versions of beauty over 15 months. 1. Two years ago Romania-based photographer Mihaela Noroc decided she needed a change in her life. View this image › Mihaela Noroc / Via Havana, Cuba 2. “I had jobs that […]


This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend With A Worldwide Scavenger Hunt

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Twenty-three days, four countries, and one adorable couple. 1. Brett Arnold, 30, and Amy Linville, 28, have been together eight years and love to travel. And when Arnold, a project manager, decided to propose to Linville, an instructional designer at a college, he went all out. Like ALL OUT, all out. View this image › […]


TSA Lines Are Getting Longer, But These 10 Tricks Will Help You Fly To Your Gate

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Flying is the biggest drag in the history of drags. That being said, there are plenty of airport hacks that can help you trudge through the misery that is flying with some semblance of efficiency (and sanity, if you’re lucky). If you’ve been keeping up with national news, you probably already know that travelers are […]