OLD man YELLS at clouds: Bernie Sanders crazy-tweets about health care, says people will DIE

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Anyone else find it odd when a Socialist talks about rights? Bernie Sanders desperately needs to read the Constitution OR someone should break out puppets and crayons and explain it to him because he is CLEARLY confused. As evident in this tweet: Now more than ever we need to recognize that health care is a […]


You will love these 3 debate tweets from Andrea Tantoros nailing Hillary, Dems

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Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros scored once again with terrific Hillary Clinton zingers during last night’s Democrat debate. No introduction needed … take a it away, Andrea! Ouch! That’s the sad truth. Next up? Snort. Yep. And for the trifecta? Boom. Keep the truth-snark coming, Ms. Tantaros. Laughter really is the best medicine. And, boy, do […]


The 32 Best/Worst Brand Tweets About “The Dress”

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Welcome to the brandwagon. By now you’re probably aware of #TheDress and how it broke the internet and destroyed relationships worldwide, but now even brands are jumping on the bandwagon: 1. BJ’s tried to refocus on what’s important in life: Who cares if #TheDress is White & Gold or Black & Blue? This #pizookie is […]


Shock jock Anthony Cumia, fired from SiriusXM, deletes controversial tweets

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http://twitter.com/#!/shahknee/status/485396072437542912 Anthony Cumia, former co-host of “Opie & Anthony,” was fired from SiriusXM for a controversial Twitter rant, according to a tweet he posted early Friday morning. That rant has since disappeared, along with just about all of his Twitter feed, according to the New York Daily News. Cumia tweeted two new photos on Saturday, but all other tweets posted after […]


21 Times R.L. Stine Was So Sassy It Hurt

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“My job: to terrify kids.” 1. On apps: I hope you will all buy my new app. The app tells you when you’re about to buy an app you don’t need. — RL_Stine (@R.L. Stine) 2. On buying his books: Interesting statistic: If you all bought 1 Goosebumps book a month, it would be enough […]