On phone, Biden urges President Yanukovich to exercise ‘maximum restraint’

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http://twitter.com/#!/petermaercbs/status/435918296395689984 Vice President Joe Biden called Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich Tuesday to urge the government to use maximum restraint in its clashes with protesters who are occupying the streets of Kiev. http://twitter.com/#!/USA4everGirl/status/435925855190007808 http://twitter.com/#!/bloodless_coup/status/435913069114687488 That’s right; tonight is the White House’s gala screening of “Monuments Men,” with the stars in attendance. http://twitter.com/#!/Alex_Panetta/status/435915266921594880 http://twitter.com/#!/KiritRadia/status/435916929874681856 Nineteen people have been […]


Ukrainians topple, smash statue of Vladimir Lenin in Kiev [pics]

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http://twitter.com/#!/KurtSchlichter/status/409727131803852800 A statue of Vladimir Lenin was taken down and smashed last night by Ukrainian citizens who are fed up with government. http://twitter.com/#!/iowahawkblog/status/409737723243536384 http://twitter.com/#!/PesentiAndre/status/409750496128147457 http://twitter.com/#!/Rawicz17/status/409750439459303424 Pictures of the Kiev, Ukraine statue going down were captured and put on social media. http://twitter.com/#!/NicoCanepuccia/status/409737484151836672 http://twitter.com/#!/HMarin8/status/409744528749629440 Some wonder why a statue of Lenin was still standing at all. http://twitter.com/#!/kvohwell/status/409756712455774208 http://twitter.com/#!/juliakite/status/409756423199789056 Of course, […]


Reports: Ukraine and Russian-backed rebels agree to cease-fire

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http://twitter.com/#!/BBCGavinHewitt/status/507886361043820544 Ukraine has reportedly reached a cease-fire agreement with Russian-backed rebels: http://twitter.com/#!/MSN/status/507888323923165185 From the Associated Press: Ukraine and the Russian-backed rebels have signed a cease-fire deal that starts in less than two hours, a European official at the talks said Friday. The announcement by OSCE’s Heidi Tagliavini came as representatives of Ukraine, Russia, pro-Russian rebels […]


John Kerry traveling to Kiev to meet with Ukraine parliament members

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http://twitter.com/#!/TaxesYouPay/status/440261178472681472 We may find out soon: http://twitter.com/#!/nbcnightlynews/status/440238864079527936 Will Kerry calm any fears in Ukraine by informing the people there that Vladimir Putin is only acting out of weakness? Here’s a suggestion for an alternate destination: http://twitter.com/#!/RevJJLewis/status/440247767353802752 *** Related: ‘I’m sure Putin just wet himself’: John Kerry takes to Twitter, boldly says nothing ‘Only game Obama […]