While Hunting For A Legendary Creature, This Woman Met A Terrible Fate

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In a truly tragic twist of fate, a woman was killed by a train while trying to hunt down a cryptozoological being that’s known to lure people onto the tracks. Roquel Bain and her boyfriend were visiting Louisville, Kentucky, from Ohio when they decided to stalk the legendary Pope Lick Monster, which is a mythological […]


If You Find A Body Buried With A Sickle, There’s A Very Weird Reason For It

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Among other things, Medieval Europe was known for its insanely superstitious beliefs in the supernatural. They led to some pretty brutal acts of violence and desecrations of the recently dead. While some of us may be familiar with various forms of vampire burials, a newly discovered superstitious tradition from the Middle Ages has been found […]


These Stories Of Black-Eyed Children Are So Terrifying

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Hikers Filmed Something Mysterious Roaming The Mountains…Could It Be The Yeti?

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At the Formigal-Panticosa ski resort in Spain, a group of friends were out on the slopes when they captured a video of what appears to be a creature resembling the fabled yeti. When they brought the footage to the resort, the managers didn’t think much of it. But OF COURSE when the video went viral, […]