18 Things You Definitely Should NOT Give Your Lover On Valentine’s Day

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Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day can be a “make or break” time of year for most couples. If you get an appropriate and awesome gift for your significant other, you are a superstar in their eyes. Anything less and you are most likely in the dog house. So if you want to avoid sleeping on the couch […]


Watch Six Pairs Stare Into Each Others’ Eyes As A Love Experiment

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If your heart hurts, it’s probably because it just grew a few sizes. 1. Can uninterrupted eye contact boost intimacy, even if people don’t know each other well? View this image › Soul Pancake / Via youtube.com Last month a New York Times writer recreated a psychologist’s love experiment, which requires two people to gaze […]


#WhatWomenNeed for Valentine’s Day: Pelosi asks, citizens deliver [Photoshops]

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http://twitter.com/#!/LeslieLichtl/status/432924813254868992 Amen to that! Last week, Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore declared that what women really need this Valentine’s Day is paid sick leave. This morning, it was Nancy Pelosi’s turn: http://twitter.com/#!/NancyPelosi/status/432920480379457537 Tweeters were only too happy to follow her lead and offer up suggestions of their own: http://twitter.com/#!/NPJules/status/432921842597494784 http://twitter.com/#!/Andrew_Rogel_/status/432937668029075457 http://twitter.com/#!/Spritely2315/status/432928297068929024 http://twitter.com/#!/hale_razor/status/432923894895218688 What else do women […]