Capitol dome goes dark as blackout hits areas of Washington, D.C. [pics]

, , , , , ,!/ChadPergram/status/443908706988605440 Washington D.C. was hit with high winds this evening, which could be the reason for power outages around the area, including the U.S. Capitol:!/BuzzFeedStorm/status/443906383537123328!/betsy_klein/status/443907134548615169!/LisaDCNN/status/443908342520745984 In the meantime:!/Newsgirly/status/443910265017753600 Ha! Update:!/WCL_Shawn/status/443912817759240192 However, power remains out for many not only in D.C. but other areas as well:!/WorldBreaking24/status/443917094527049728 Editor’s note: This post […]


Starbucks vs. ‘gun shops’ map that ‘wow’-ed Chelsea Clinton gets shot full of holes

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So, you know that map of Starbucks vs. “gun shops” that totally blew Chelsea Clinton’s mind? Well, as it turns out, upon further inspection, it’s even stupider than it first appeared: In other words, CityLab’s kinda full of it. Oh well. Math is hard! Read more: