In wake of ‘crude’ terror attack in Sweden, Washington Post turns its attention to common sense truck control

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One glaring problem with seeing terror attacks in terms of the weapons used is that eventually you consider the intended victims “lucky” that the terrorists tried to use pipe bombs rather than semi-automatic weapons or machetes instead of pipe bombs. After a man killed four people by drivinga truck into a department store in Stockholm, […]


Marco Rubio calls Washington Post’s Cruz cartoon ‘disgusting’

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The Washington Post’s publication of an editorial cartoon depicting Sen. Ted Cruz’ daughters as trained monkeys generated enough of a blowback from social media that the cartoon was removed and an editor’s note added. Cruz’ rival in the GOP presidential race, Sen. Marco Rubio, agreed that the cartoon was “disgusting,” as was cartoonist Ann Telnaes’ […]


‘Can we pee on his lawn?’: Washington Post reporter tweets Sheriff David Clarke Jr.’s home address


Washington Post reporter Abby Phillip posted a letter to Twitter on Friday allegedly from the Department of Homeland Security verifying that Sheriff David Clark Jr. had been offered a position with the agency, but she failed to obscure Clarke’s home address. Here’s a screenshot of the tweet with the address smudged out: Maybe including his […]


WHOA: Did a WaPo writer just blatantly lie about Sessions calling illegal immigrants ‘filth’?!

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Okay WaPo writers, we know reading really isn’t your thing BUT you might want to make sure you’ve read something correctly BEFORE making a mistake this yuge. Daniel W. Drezner, writer atthe Washington Post, tweeted that Sessions described illegal aliens as filth … Filth. He described illegal immigrants as "filth." Whatever your views on immigration […]


Pot Is 114 Times Safer Than Alcohol, A New Study Says

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By one metric. 1. A new study reaffirms the common claim that marijuana could be safer than a host of other drugs, including alcohol and tobacco. View this image › Andres Stapff / Reuters In a January article published in Scientific Reports, researchers analyzed existing data on the number of deaths from each drug and […]


Protests aren’t silencing anyone? Why the ‘safe spaces’ then?

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The fact that this morning’s edition of The Washington Post even exists is a tribute to the nation’s commitment to protecting freedom of the press, and yet University of Pennsylvania professor Shaun R. Harper has published an op-ed claiming that campus protests against racism “aren’t silencing anyone.” Harper, who is executive director of theCenter for […]