Will CNN begin a round-the-clock search for ‘Wisconsin Gov. Rick Scott’?

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http://twitter.com/#!/paulolim/status/480198597250523137 Late Friday, CNN posted this cryptic tweet about a certain “Wisconsin Gov. Rick Scott” who’s found himself under fire. http://twitter.com/#!/CNNVideo/status/480183352092143616 To most, it was a simple mixup between Wisconsin’s Scott Walker and Florida Gov. Rick Scott. http://twitter.com/#!/lachlan/status/480342468936732672 http://twitter.com/#!/CoffeeBean26/status/480189388798693376 http://twitter.com/#!/chensley1059/status/480189942082318336 Keep in mind, though, that this is CNN, and that network loves a mystery. Perhaps […]


Who Would Have Thought You’d Have A Ghost Story Featuring Haunted Bunk Beds…?

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When you think of haunted items being brought into your house, you probably initially jump to things like jewelry, paintings, and mirrors. However, sometimes other common items can be haunted gateways to the other side, too. Take for example the story of the Tallman family living in Horicon, Wisconsin. After buying a used bunk bed […]