While Looking For Survivors After A Mudslide, They Saw Something Heartbreaking

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Disaster struck in Brazil last Thursday when two mining dams collapsed, unleashing gallons of mud into the small town of Bento Rodrigues. Several townspeople are dead and even more are missing, but as rescuers quickly learned, humans weren’t the only ones devastated by the disaster. While looking for survivors, firefighters came across a dog that […]


Striking Images Of The Chadian Army Fighting Boko Haram In Nigeria

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Chad says it has killed 207 members of Boko Haram in clashes this week. WARNING: Graphic images. Chadian military clashed with Boko Haram in Nigeria this week after the governments of Niger, Cameroon, and Chad launched a military campaign to fight the Boko Haram insurgency. View this image › A Chadian soldier poses for a […]